About The Jack Pybus Agency

Based in Manchester, Jack Pybus has recently established a new agency in order to represent talented and experienced actors of all ages based locally and across the UK.

JP Agency offers actors a different style of management providing a commitment to their clients which is second to none, Jack Pybus is totally committed to helping each of his clients to achieve success, wherever their interests lie.

Jack Pybus Agency Actors

Jack Pybus Agency actors are carefully selected by Jack himself, who is a very experienced actor and has a sharp eye for potential. He is looking for commitment, desire, belief and most importantly availability, as key requirements for those who wish to join his team.

Jack Pybus is also ready to assist students who are currently still at University or drama school to make the transition from student to paid actor. Jack has worked on many final year stage productions as well as short films with them, providing support and valuable advice

Jack Pybus Agency Management

As an experienced actor Jack fully understands the actors perspective. He has many years of experience in performing, and has developed many important contacts in the industry. He will use his experience to help and assist clients into paid work.
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At Jack Pybus Agency we appreciate the importance of collecting and collating as many different looks and skills as possible to present to our industry professionals and we are constantly striving to achieve this, we also believe that our actors must at all times be punctual and courteous when attending castings and we are always keen to impress these qualities on our clients as well as making them aware that the most important attribute for any actor to have is "AVAILABILITY"
Jack Pybus
For more information about our actors or joining our agency, please call us on 07812 179980 or send a message via our contact form or email directly: ObscureMyEmail

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